Welcome to Debbie’s Dispensary

As a small business in the heartland of Ohio, we strive to be actively involved by being the community-based location for education and information on medical cannabis, an important community partner, and a leader in promoting access to medical cannabis in a safe and supportive environment. We continuously adapt our services to meet the demonstrated needs of both our patients and the community through outreach and education, as well as direct services. We continue to invest in our community by being actively involved, through charitable giving and being a source of new jobs.

Cannabis is not a one-size-fits-all industry, and we don’t treat it as such. We are here to find the right product for you. With every unique visit you will be our advisors’ focus, offering the highest level of customer service, knowledge, care and support to patients who are both new to cannabis, and those who are already well versed in its benefits. If needed, we also have private consultation rooms for your comfort, all information shared with our patient advisors will remain confidential.



Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program

For more information regarding Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program please visit medicalmarijuana.ohio.gov


Veteran and Indigent Patients

We have a strong commitment to helping veterans and the indigent – and these are two groups that unfortunately overlap. Registered patients who are veterans or indigent, as shown on their patient cards, will be eligible for coupons to aid with obtaining medical cannabis. Veterans and their caregivers will have a supportive environment for their unique care needs. We will also supply information on secondary sources of support in the community.


Buy Back Policy

We are committed to ensuring the safety of the public and access to safe medical cannabis product. Per our company policy we will only accept returned medical cannabis product for recalls or dispensing errors, that was previously purchased here by patients and caregivers who are associated with our dispensary.


Patient Education Materials



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